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Support for Israel

Dear Federation Members and Friends,
The atrocities of October 7 will never be forgotten.  The Jewish world has come together to support Israel in its hour of great need.  In Fresno, we did the same.  Our Jewish Federation of Central California spent much time exploring the best way to help.  Vardit Lichtenstein, in consultation with the Israeli Consul, helped identify a community council in Israel that is in need, and our Federation board decided to assist. Jewish Federation of Central California made a grant of $50,000 to the Jewish Federations of North America Israel Emergency Campaign, designated for the Israel NGO Chavaya BrMerchavim to address the emergency needs of families impacted by the October 7 Hamas massacre in this community.  
Below is more information about the Regional Council of Merhavim, the area that received JFCC’s support.  Regional councils are usually spread over a relatively large area within geographical vicinity of each other.   Each community within a regional council generally does not exceed 2,000 in population and is managed by a local committee.  The predominant form of communities represented on regional councils are kibbutzim and moshavim.
We hope you will help us.  Please make your 2024 PLEDGE now to support the JFCC’s allocation to Merhavim to help us cover the $50,000 we have already sent.

What is Merhavim?

Merhavim is a tight-knit Regional Council of about 15,000 citizens residing across 16 kibbutzim and moshavim (moshavim are similar to kibbutzim with an emphasis on community labor).  These communities include Bitha, Eshbol, Gilat, Klahim, Maslul, Nir Akiva, Nir Moshe, Pa’amel Tashaz, Patish, Peduim, Ranen, Sde Tzvi, Talmei Bilu, Tifrah, a youth village, a rehabilitative village for disabled children and adults, and two smaller communities. 
The size of each community ranges from about 500-3000 individuals, consisting of people from all walks of life—religious, secular, young, old; generally reflecting the Jewish population in Israel.  Merchavim’s communities are located mainly to the east and north of Gaza, consistently within range of rocket missiles, but outside the boundaries of the totally evacuated area closest to Gaza.  After October 7, approximately 30% of the residents self-evacuated.

See: for a fuller description of Merhavim Regional Council 
See: Merhavim A video shows Merhavim at its best before October 7 (Hebrew with English subtitles).  
See: What happened on October 7th and after (English subtitles) 
Won’t you help us support our needy fellow Jews in Israel?  If not now, when?


Phyllis Farrow

Executive Director JFCC

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