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JFCC Crisis Relief

JFCC is there in 

times of crisis when you need us the most.

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We provide a lifeline for Jews and non-Jews in distress, at home, in Israel and across the globe. Whether it’s missiles raining down on Israel’s south, a violent conflict in Ukraine, Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast or an earthquake in Nepal,  Federation is there to help — and to rebuild.


Our network of local and international partners enables us to respond quickly and effectively. We fund urgently needed basics like food and medicine, and long-term needs like trauma counseling. We provide resources to emergency service providers so they can help where they’re most needed. 


We also enable trained staff to expand their support of the most vulnerable populations, whose needs escalate during emergencies.


Federations raised $55 million during Operation Protective Edge in 2014, and used it to provide trauma support for Israel’s most vulnerable citizens, aid lone soldiers, offer respite to people living in the conflict zones, and help Israel’s economy recover.


In Ukraine, where the lives of more than 30,000 elderly Jews and 4,600 children have been disrupted by conflict, we’re delivering food and medicine, sheltering displaced people, and expediting aliyah for those who want to move to Israel.

Immediately after the earthquake in Nepal, we helped bring an expert disaster response team to provide immediate relief and assess ongoing needs.

For decades we’ve ensured humanitarian relief for those who’ve needed it most. Federation holds out a safety net. And we’ll never let it fall.

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