Dear Friends of JFCC

May 1, 2020


I feel like this year's Passover was different from anything we could ever have imagined in our life time. I feel like we went to sleep one night and woke up in the Twilight Zone called Covid -19. I am sure whether you were alone or communicating with family and friends through Zoom or Facetime that it was very meaningful. We are in a world where hugs and kisses are weapons and NOT visiting parents and friends becomes an act of love. Suddenly we realize that we are all vulnerable and that power, beauty and money will not keep us from getting this virus.

Most events are on hold or are on Zoom. It is a great way to connect with everyone. Yom Hashoah Services were very meaningful. Rabbi Rick has been doing a great job conducting services every Friday night on Zoom and Facetime live. One of the services featured guest soloist, Dan Nichols He was outstanding. Other congregations are reaching out to their congregants as well.

Doctors, nurses and medical staff are superheroes these days and JFS is helping to ensure they have all the Personal Protective Equipment they need. Please see article inside our Spring Focus newsletter for more information.

While we have to be physically isolated, we don’t have to be socially isolated. I have found the phone to be my best friend these days and encourage you to call a friend or neighbor and check in with them and ask them to call someone. We are in this together and we will get through this. Our 2020 Campaign is still going but is on hold for now. When I call you these days it is to ask how you are, not what your pledge will be. We will publish our pledge list later this year and resume our campaign when we have this virus under control.

On behalf of our community let me thank you for your support to the Jewish Federation of Central Valley. 

If you have any questions please contact me. Just click here. 

Phyllis Farrow

Executive Director


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